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We are proud to announce a new aspect of our business: high definition video production designed especially for the web. Being There on the Web™ will assist companies turn their websites alive with video! Let's face it, the web is the new TV and CineVision is geared up to make video presentations on the web affordable and responsive. The Santa Fe Opera had clips of last nights performance of "Life is a Dream" on the web the very next day!   CineVision produces video presentations, designed for a variety of budgets, that will allow you to have the power and influence of the moving picture with sound on your website for less than the cost of a paper brochure!

CineVision has just completed the 10 min. introductory video entitled: "Applications for Healthcare and Emergency Settings", for Trauma First Aide Associates, LLC, which is the creator of a first responder trauma stabilization training model used by the military, medics, EMT's, fire & police organizations, nurses in every field, psychologists and school personnel. Trauma First Aide's model focuses on a person's overwhelmed nervous system that is dis-regulated by either being stuck on 'high' such as in a hyper-activated sympathetic nervous system or stuck on 'low' or "freeze" as in a hypo-activated nervous system. We are in post production on two projects: a school and a medical/military which were shot primarily in Austin, Texas  an Santa Fe, NM. Some interviews are being readied for their web site:

CineVision completes it's 12th year as the video producers for The Santa Fe Opera, clips from Madame Butterfly, Magic Flute, Life is a Dream (world premier), Tales of Hoffmann and Albert Herring are available to watch at . 

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