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Gulf War Syndrome a Toxic Battlefield DVD


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Gulf War Syndrome was a finalist video in the Telly Awards in the category documentaries/social issues.  Gulf War Syndrome was a winner (defined to be in the top 8% of entries) in the Videographer's Award competition in the category of documentaries.  More than 100,000 of the American forces who fought in the Gulf War returned home suffering from a variety of illnesses and to a nation indifferent to their problems. It was a war fought in a cesspool of toxic agents. These veterans are the delayed and forgotten casualties of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. 

This documentary explores the principal toxic exposures soldiers faced:

*Low levels of sarin and other nerve gases released 
  from the bombing of Iraqi chemical weapons
  factories and the destruction of bunkers like
  Khamisiyah where these weapons were stored

* PB pills, themselves quite toxic, given to soldiers 
  in an effort to protect them from nerve gas attacks

* Smoke and soot from hundreds of oil well fires 

* Excessive use of pesticides 

* Radioactive dust from depleted uranium munitions 

* Anthrax and other vaccines given in a compressed time frame 

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